ER Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint Heroes

the adventure begins


Sure, I remember when it all started. Not all that long ago, really. The whole town was there for the festival. Everyone laid out their best. All the Inns had their best food out for the tasting, Two Knights Brewery made sure the ale flowed freely, and free, all day. The contests went on all day, the strongman contests, races, but I think the most popular was the Pixie’s Kiss game. No mysteries there. Not sure if they were a group when they showed up, or simply outsiders that just happened to be here at the right time, but either way I’m glad they were. Sandpoint’d seen enough trials and tribulations of late, and boy did we need something good to help us through.

Hmm? Right, when it all started? Everything for the festival was going along great, but then….



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